SeaChange Christ Community is a place where people in the local and  greater community of Anchorage, Alaska can gather to share a meal  together and enjoy Christian Fellowship in an informal, comfortable setting. The goal of SeaChange is to support one another in a quest to discover and know Christ and respectfully invite others to discover and know Him, as well. Accordingly, our mission statement:

 “Following and inviting others to follow Christ.” 

Our Values


 We value authentic Christian community where all are valued equally. 


 We value people more than places, so we want to invest more time in relationships than

 structures, organizations and programs. 


 We value faith in God, and faith in His Words found in the Christian Bible.
We believe it is a true story that tells us how we can be connected to God 

once again through a relationship with Jesus.


We value knowing, following, and serving Jesus and inviting and challenging others to do the same.


We value each person's gifts, abilities, and contributions. 

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